Why Healthy People Need To Detox

woman doing yoga

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” John F. Kennedy It’s been well established that our environment has never been more toxic than it is today. After watching documentaries like Stink! or Unacceptable Levels, or spending ten minutes on ewg.org, you begin to realize what we’re up against when it…

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What You Need to Know About Heavy Metals and Vaping

do not vape sign

With over 2,000 illnesses and more than 45 recent deaths linked to vaping in the US, people are starting to rethink a product that was once considered virtually harmless. Vaping illness has received a lot of media attention lately as the connection between vaping and serious health issues becomes more clear. Why is Vaping Making…

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Wyatt’s Amazing Advanced TRS Story

smiling boy

This experience is from an amazing mother, customer and friend who is generously sharing her son’s TRS story with us. Thank you Mackenzie! I know your son’s story will help others! My son Wyatt’s story is long and complicated. Let’s just say that he’s been diagnosed with just about everything over the years….selective mutism, generalized…

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The Missing Link In Childhood Behavior Problems

upset boy with arms crossed

Most of us have at least one child in our life who has problems with their behavior. Whether it’s moodiness, meltdowns, anger, aggression, lack of focus, impulsivity, defiance, low academic performance, anxiety or depression – most of us know a child who struggles and it can be heartbreaking to watch. Why Do Some Children Struggle…

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The Important Thing We’re Missing With Food Allergies

surprised woman pulling down glasses

Is it just me or are you constantly noticing new gluten and dairy free options popping up everywhere in restaurants, stores or at public gatherings? It seems like everyone’s scrambling to accommodate the legions of people who’ve discovered better health by cutting wheat and dairy from their diets.   The Problem With Wheat and Dairy…

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Our Son’s Incredible Advanced TRS Story

teenager looking out over field with headphones

When my oldest son came into the world we were absolutely overjoyed! He was a sweet baby and we doted on him endlessly. I felt then, and still do, that he is one of the greatest blessings and accomplishments of my life.   When my son was little, I began to notice a few things…

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TRS Spray: The 10-Second Detox That Everyone Can Do

Advanced TRS detox spray bottle

Keeping It Simple Detoxes and cleanses can be so complicated and time-consuming – not to mention less than satisfying! I can’t be the only one who’s tired of the hassle of green smoothies, juices, detox soups and regimented diets that stretch on for days, weeks or even months! And don’t forget about the all-encompassing special…

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