What You Need to Know About Heavy Metals and Vaping

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With over 2,000 illnesses and more than 45 recent deaths linked to vaping in the US, people are starting to rethink a product that was once considered virtually harmless. Vaping illness has received a lot of media attention lately as the connection between vaping and serious health issues becomes more clear.

Why is Vaping Making People Sick?

Research into exactly why vaping is dangerous is still in its early stages. But recent studies have shown that toxicity, more than anything else, is behind it all.

In 2017, Johns Hopkins University found that toxic, cancer causing heavy metals were in all of the leading brands of vaping liquid they tested. The study calls for the FDA to consider regulating the quality control of e-cigarette devices and liquid ingredients.

In a 2018 study, significant amounts of lead and other toxic metals were found in the vapor or aerosol inhaled by users of e-cigarettes. It stated that chronic inhalation of these metals has been linked to lung, liver, immune, cardiovascular and brain damage as well as different types of cancer.

A recent study in 2019 analyzed the aerosol of some of the most popular brands of e-cigarettes. They found sixteen different types of heavy metals, the highest amount discovered to date. These metals were in concentrations high enough to be considered a serious health concern.

These and other studies have established that dangerous levels of heavy metals can be found in both vaping liquids and vaping devices. Vaping devices appear to have contamination coming from heating coils and other metal components. Vaping liquids are likely contaminated from dirty ingredients and impure processing. Nicotine and marijuana vapes are the main culprits behind vaping illness, which isn’t surprising as tobacco and marijuana plants are notorious for heavy metal contamination. The US CDC (Centers for Disease Control) also warns about the heavy metal content in vaping products.

It’s unfortunate that vaping was marketed to people on the premise that it was a safer option than regular cigarettes. It looks like whether or not that’s actually true remains to be seen. But either way we now know that if you choose to vape, you’re probably inhaling toxic chemical fumes, including heavy metals into your lungs.

What Exactly Are Heavy Metals?

Heavy metals are elements naturally found in the Earth like copper, nickel, silver or lead. Think back to your high school chemistry class and picture the periodic table. The majority of elements on the periodic table are considered to be heavy metals.

Some heavy metals such as iron and copper are called “essential” heavy metals, because our bodies require them in very small amounts. But high levels of even essential metals are just as toxic as any other heavy metal. Most heavy metals are considered toxic because they’re dangerous at any amount, such as lead and mercury.

How Dangerous Are Heavy Metals?

Heavy metals are toxic to the nervous system and many are known to cause cancer. Metals also replace essential minerals in our cells, blocking our ability to access the nutrients that we need. Nutrient deficiencies can affect our body’s organ systems and lead to a variety of health issues.

Heavy metals also reduce our vitality by interfering with our body’s ability to produce energy. They obstruct our cells’ natural ability to detoxify by depleting glutathione (a powerful anti-oxidant) levels and preventing glutathione production. Without glutathione to help remove heavy metals, these metals can stay in our bodies for a very long time.

The other real danger with heavy metals is that they have a compounding effect on our bodies and our health. Metals build up or “bioaccumulate” in our cells, ever increasing our body’s toxic burden. Because metals aren’t biodegradable and for the most part can’t be used by our bodies, they continue to accumulate over time. The more heavy metals we accumulate, the less able we are to get rid of them and the more they affect our health. It’s a vicious cycle!

Heavy metals are a permanent part of our environment and always have been. But our environment hasn’t always been as saturated with them as it is today. Because of modern industrialization, the natural geochemical cycles of many elements has been shifted, causing them to become more mobilized into our environment. Heavy metals have never before been more prevalent in our air, food, water and environment.

What Can We Do?

The great thing is that there’s a lot we can do to combat heavy metals and other kinds of toxicity! We can choose to avoid vaping, smoking, illicit drugs, etc. and to do our best to drink clean water, eat clean foods and breathe clean air. Avoiding toxins is key no matter where you’re at in your journey toward better health.

I want to emphasize that you just need to start somewhere. Don’t get overwhelmed. Don’t worry about the toxins you’ve accumulated in the past, or try to tackle cleaning up everything in your life at once. Just choose something that you can reasonably start with – and get started! Make one small change, and then another and another. You can’t do everything but you can do something!

When our family started transitioning to clean living several years ago, it was a slow but steady process. We did what we felt was most important first, which for us was tackling our food. We made small changes that we could afford and just kept on going. Pretty soon we we moved on from food to cleaning up our water, cleaning products, toiletries, air and different things in our environment. Just know that it’s a process and it takes time, but it’s very doable!

Being intentional about what we expose our bodies to is SO important! But at the same time we also have to realize that no matter how careful we are and no matter how hard we try, some toxins are going to get in. In our modern world we have to accept that it truly is impossible to avoid toxins completely.

Advanced TRS to the Rescue!

This is where Advanced TRS comes in and where things get exciting! TRS is the safest, easiest answer to removing accumulated toxins and those that we are exposed to on a daily basis. It will fill in the gaps where our effort and ability to avoid toxins falls short!

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Advanced TRS is simply the mineral zeolite and pure water. Zeolite is an amazing little mineral that goes throughout the body, picking up toxins and carrying them out. TRS does an incredible job of clearing out toxins, especially heavy metals.

Our family has experienced life changing improvements from detoxing with Advanced TRS, especially our oldest son! TRS effectively cleared out accumulated toxins that were seriously affecting our family’s health. Now we use TRS every day to maintain our health by removing toxins that we’re exposed to regularly. It’s by far the quickest and easiest health routine we’ve ever done!

We are so grateful that our family stumbled across Advanced TRS! I get SO excited to share it with others like you because I know how much TRS can improve your health by reducing your body’s toxic burden! I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to watch TRS help hundreds of people and it has been such a joy to witness. I just want everyone to get to experience what TRS can do for them!

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