How to Pick Your Products

Below are our basic guidelines on how to begin detoxing with Healing With Nano products. These are simply our suggestions for those who are looking for guidance. We acknowledge that everyone is unique, and that you may want to approach things differently. We always recommend doing what you feel is right for you!

As you start to adopt daily detox into your health routine, the most important advice we can give you is to give it time. Our health typically doesn't decline overnight, so we can't expect to improve our health overnight either. Rebuilding health is a process that happens slowly brick by brick. Think of detox more like straightening your teeth with braces or healing a broken bone. Please exercise patience!

It’s also important to note that in general, the more health issues you have and the more serious they are the more toxic you may be. Individuals with multiple or significant health problems need to start our products with reduced amounts and slowly increase,  working up to taking the full, daily recommended quantities.

  • 3 bottles of Coseva Advanced TRS

    Step 1: Start taking Advanced TRS, our zeolite detox

    Begin with just a small serving of Advanced TRS every day. We suggest 1 spray or less per day for 1-2 weeks. After you’re comfortable with that, slowly build up to taking 1 spray per 30 pounds daily.

  • 2

    Step 2: Continue increasing Advanced TRS

    Slowly increase your Advanced TRS until you’re comfortable taking 1 spray per 30 pounds daily. Keep taking Advanced TRS every day to continue removing toxins and improving your health.

  • fulvic-3-home-page

    Step 3: Add in Advanced Fulvic-Humic Acid

    Start taking Advanced Fulvic every day. For ages 13 and up, start with 5-10 drops per day mixed with 16 ounces of water or any other beverage. Slowly increase up to one full dropper (20 drops) per day.

    For children under 13 years old, you can start with 1 drop per year of life up to 5 drops per day. Slowly work up to 5-10 drops per day. 

  • Step 4: Continue increasing Advanced Fulvic

    Slowly increase Advanced Fulvic until you're comfortable taking 1 full dropper (20 drops) per day. Children should increase to 5-10 drops per day.

    Keep taking Advanced Fulvic daily to remove heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins and to replenish your body with nutrients.  

  • 5

    Step 5: Be wise!

    Commit to continue taking these products long-term in order to protect and optimize your health. The everyday assault on our health in today’s world is beyond what our bodies were meant to handle. Protecting our health through daily detox has truly become a modern day necessity.

    Healing With Nano products provide an easy solution to the ever growing toxicity problem. With our products you have the opportunity to take easy, preventative steps each day that will allow you to continue to enjoy your new level of health!

After you purchase a detox product for the first time, we’ll send you our helpful getting started guides. Our guides will help you learn how to use our products in the best possible way so that you can get the best possible results. If you want to start Advanced TRS at less than a full spray, our guides will walk you through how to properly dilute your TRS. Please watch for our Healing With Nano emails with our best tips and tricks! 

Our broad spectrum Advanced CBD oil is a wonderful compliment to our detox products that will benefit you at any time!

Using our groundbreaking nano-technology, we have developed a more effective and more bioavailable CBD. Advanced CBD has 0% THC and is ultrapure, extracted without solvents or other contaminants, organically grown and non-GMO. It also tastes much better than most CBD!

Advanced CBD is great for reducing stress, calming anxiety, restoring a sense of calm and well-being (without a "high"), soothing aches and discomfort, improving sleep quality and supporting a healthy immune response.