Our Story

Our story began many years ago when I started searching for answers to my own health problems. I became frustrated that my doctors couldn’t help me with my chronic health issues, so I started researching and trying different things on my own. For us, this was the beginning of our path to healing and we’re very grateful for it!

As time passed, I started to notice that my children and husband also had some concerning health issues too. I was determined to find answers and worked really hard at trying different approaches. We tried numerous products, practitioners, diets, protocols and healing modalities. Many of them helped us a little, but they weren’t moving us forward as much as we needed them to.

At one point, one of our son’s issues began to spiral out of control. He was really struggling with emotional instability, defiance, depression, anxiety, lack of focus, intense anger, sensory issues and more. Things became so intense that our lives turned upside-down, and we found ourselves in crisis on a regular basis.

We tried many different things to help our son, and one practitioner we saw suggested zeolite. I had no idea what zeolite was, but we were willing to try just about anything - so I started researching. I discovered that zeolite was good for detoxing, which I'd wanted to do more of anyway. Up to that point, detox had given him more results than anything else, so I was happy to give it a try.

I researched different zeolite products and talked with other moms about what had worked for their kids. Advanced TRS kept coming up over and over again, and the more I looked into it the more impressed I became. So we made the easy decision to start our son on TRS and committed to at least six months. Because we were constantly trying new things with little to no results, we had zero expectations. If only we’d known what was to come!

The more I looked into Advanced TRS, the more impressed I was

Boy using Coseva Advanced TRS spray
family taking Advanced TRS and other supplements

Beautiful Transformation


To our amazement, within about two weeks of taking Advanced TRS daily, we started noticing a few small changes in our son. The first thing we noticed was that he was able to calmly handle situations that normally would have caused an upheaval. Within about three months he was doing better than he had in years and had a long list of improvements. After all the things we’d tried for him, we could hardly believe what was happening! It was like watching a butterfly slowly emerge from its cocoon!

After six months of using Advanced TRS every day, our son was almost like a different person. He no longer had meltdowns that turned into rages. His anxiety and depression were mostly gone. He was becoming more emotionally stable and more adaptable to change. He had a more positive, happy attitude than we’d ever seen before. When he did get upset, his behavior didn’t escalate like it used to. Instead, he was able to recover quickly and get back to normal within minutes rather than hours. He also began to understand sarcasm, and we really enjoyed being able to joke around with him. It was a beautiful transformation and such a gift to witness!


There’s so much more to our son’s amazing story! You'll want to read his entire story on my blog or watch the video.


Once we started to see what Advanced TRS was doing for our son, our entire family began taking it too. Over the years we’ve all had wonderful improvements from Advanced TRS, and have learned how important detox is to our health and well-being. TRS has taught us in such a powerful way that no matter what you do to improve your health, you’re not going to get very far without addressing toxicity.

The results our family had with Advanced TRS were so profound that I wanted to shout it from the rooftops! I wanted to help others understand the tremendous benefit that removing toxins from our bodies can have. I knew there had to be others who were struggling like we were, and I wanted to find a way to reach them and to help them find answers. That’s when the idea of Healing With Nano began, and I’m proud to say that it has evolved into a wonderful place where I get to educate, support and guide others toward better health!

After six months, our son was like a different person

Inviting you to join me...


Over the years I’ve been blessed to witness so many inspiring stories of health and healing here at Healing With Nano. It’s truly an honor to be a part of so many people’s health journeys. I have witnessed over and over again how important removing toxins from our bodies is to health and well-being – more important than I’d ever imagined!

After all of the healing I’ve seen take place, I’m more convinced than ever that detox is a foundational step toward better mental and physical health, and that it should always be a part of our daily lives!


I have learned in a very powerful way that what we take OUT of our bodies is just as important as what we put IN, and that if we're not detoxing daily - our health is not what it could be.


I often wish that I’d understood sooner how much damage toxins can do, and the power that an effective detox can have. I wish I’d understood the myriad of ever increasing toxins that we’re exposed to today and the fact that it's more than our bodies were ever meant to handle. If there’s anything about my family’s health journey I could change, it would be to discover the importance of detox much sooner.

I hope you’ll learn from our story and the stories of our community and allow Healing With Nano to help you on your health journey! My hope is that you’ll be able to improve your health much faster than we did because of what I’m sharing here with you. Better health is waiting for you and I promise - the other side is beautiful!


"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." Tony Robbins 

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All the Best! - Lora