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Coseva products have improved the lives of so many people just like you. I hope you enjoy my customers' stories, testimonials, and reviews of their experiences with Advanced TRS detox and Advanced Fulvic!   ~ Lora

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“I have noticed a huge improvement in energy levels”

I have noticed a huge improvement in energy levels since taking Advanced TRS detox. I am finishing bottle number four and I have a lot more energy! I’m running 3.5 miles or riding my bike 15 to 20 miles almost every day.

M. Albertson

"I started Advanced Fulvic this past weekend and my acid reflux is gone"

I started Coseva’s Advanced Fulvic acid this past weekend and my acid reflux is gone. I cannot even tell you how happy I am about that! Also, my 11 year old dog has been eating grass for several months and I have tried everything to help her tummy. She started fulvic acid this weekend as well and she hasn’t eaten any grass since she started. I'm excited to see what other gains we will see!

K. Saniat

“It never occurred to me that I could be pregnant because my husband and I have dealt with infertility for years”

Back in January when I started taking Advanced TRS along with my boys I didn't think much about it. By March I started feeling fatigued and a little nauseous. In April I had full-blown nausea and I attributed it to detox symptoms from TRS, so I stopped taking it hoping my nausea would settle down, but it didn't. 

By May my feet and hips started hurting and I felt really miserable. I went to my doctor and he ran several tests, including a pregnancy test that came back positive! It never occurred to me that I could be pregnant because my husband and I have dealt with infertility for years! The ultrasound confirmed that I was four months along already.

I'm now six months pregnant and my husband and I are still in shock about it! I would have never guessed that a little spray could take care of such a sensitive issue as infertility. I have a long ways to go with my health, but I'm so grateful that TRS helped my infertility! 

L. Baker

“I had blood work done every 3-4 months and watched my cobalt levels gradually lower”

I’ve used TRS since 2018 with great results, then tapered down to 1 to 2 sprays a day on and off which helped me maintain my gains.

In the fall of 2021 I developed too many serious health concerns to list. The most concerning was severe dementia-like symptoms. After finding out I was suffering from cobalt poisoning from a faulty hip implant, I upped the TRS to 6 sprays a day. It took 1 1/2 years to detox to a normal cobalt level. I still have the implant that continues to leach cobalt into my body but TRS keeps it in the normal range.

Since then all of my health issues have disappeared and at 72, I am once again living a very active pain-free, alert life. I had blood work done every 3-4 months and watched my cobalt levels gradually lower.

Sandy T.

“Advanced TRS has helped with my digestion, brain fog, and my husband's foot fungus”

Advanced TRS has helped with my digestion, brain fog, and my husband’s foot fungus that he’s struggled with for over 10 years!

S. Howell

“Advanced TRS has helped me stop drinking soda and has helped my eczema heal”

Advanced TRS has helped me stop drinking soda completely and has helped my eczema heal quite a bit over just a couple of months. I do my sprays everyday and look forward to being completely eczema free soon.

D. Emrich

"I am so thankful I took a chance on Advanced TRS"

I was hesitant about trying Advanced TRS, mainly because I’ve tried so many ‘miracle products’ - but I’m so glad I did!

We started TRS in June. My boy started school with a full-time one-on-one aide who stayed beside him at all times, ready to pull him out of class when necessary. He showed steady improvement (although sometimes it was two steps forward and one back, as with any detox) throughout. A few IEP meetings back, his one-on-one aide was cut back from 5.75 hours to 1.5. If you’ve ever had a child with an IEP, you know just how huge that is!

Meltdowns are no longer a thing; he’s cracking jokes; he’s accepting responsibility. He’s not all the way there yet, but he’s well on his way, and I am so thankful I took a chance on Advanced TRS.

M. Neuhauser

“I have been able to completely stop taking gabapentin"

I have been able to completely stop taking gabapentin for my neuropathy since I started taking Advanced Fulvic. I took 300mg three times a day! I am going to try Advanced TRS next. 

B. Knight

“For the first time in a long time, my kidney function hasn't gone down”

I started taking Advanced TRS detox at 1/4 potency after reading many Advanced TRS detox stories, testimonials and reviews. My kidneys have low function and I typically have to get up several times at night to use the restroom.

Since the very first night after starting TRS, I haven’t had to get up AT ALL at night to use the restroom! Also, at my last kidney checkup it showed that for the first time in a long time, my kidney function hasn’t gone down! I’m so grateful that I found Advanced TRS!

K. Barney

"This product has been a God-send, an answer to a lot of prayers"

Advanced TRS saved my family’s life, no exaggeration. The toxin build-up in our systems caused a cascading chain of events that at the end of the chain, threatened the lives of my son and daughter. We tried everything we knew of and could afford for over 7 years, and though some things made a difference, we couldn’t get to the root of the problem. I knew from multiple lab tests that there were toxins binding to the cells of our son and daughter causing metabolic distress, but I didn’t know how to get the toxins out.

“Detox” can be such a buzzword these days, so I didn’t go there, not wanting to put my money into one more thing. Everything changed though when I discovered Advanced TRS. I am a results-oriented person, and big on testimony. Based on Advanced TRS detox reviews, testimonials and stories, it seemed like something worth trying, and compared to everything else we had done it was very inexpensive. We started seeing results within 2 weeks, but it took several months for the toxins to work their way out. My kids are healthy now. My son is in remission from autoimmune encephalomyelitis, and my daughter (same diagnosis + Stiff Person Syndrome) is very close.

This product has been a God-send, an answer to a lot of prayers. We will continue to use TRS at a “maintenance dosage” for the rest of our lives probably, as we found out that genetically there are reasons our bodies do not detox. By the way, these are the most dramatic stories of our family, but the rest of us have also come a very long way with TRS. Our other children, my husband, myself, a nephew, and my mother-in-law have all seen amazing results with our serious health issues. We have had a year of miracles!

M. Widman

“I love these supplements! They are the best thing I’ve done for my boys”

Since starting these products for my children, l see gains in all aspects of life. But the one I'm really noticing is that they’re enjoying things in life other than video games and watching TV. They are also able to play with their neurotypical cousins more and are having more mature conversations. I love these supplements! They are the best thing I’ve done for my boys.

N. Alwani

"Mom, you can change my supplements and herbs but please don’t ever stop giving me Advanced TRS"

To quote my 13 year old son with PANS/Lyme/tics, “Mom, you can change my supplements and herbs but please don’t ever stop giving me Advanced TRS. I can feel it making a difference in me. I know this is a game changer!”

I’m still amazed that at such low doses we still see improvements and things change. More isn’t always better with TRS. My son has been taking TRS for 6 months and we are at 1/4 spray a day. Truly amazing product!

K. Martens

“Overall I feel like a new person”

I had a hair analysis test that came back with heavy metals off the charts - unlike they had ever seen. No wonder why I never felt well. I have spent most of my adult life trying to find optimal health and basically going in circles. I have also been fighting Epstein Barr and fibromyalgia.

When my daughter asked me if I had heard of Advanced TRS I did my research and said, let’s order. I started about a year ago, and my health has done a complete 360. The tired feeling in the morning that I used to have when I’d wake up is gone. I’m fresh, the fatigue and brain fog has lifted and overall I feel like a new person. I knew I was battling parasites, candida and heavy metals as well, and TRS has taken care of it all. I know that’s why I feel so much better. Also, I no longer need all the other supplements, the TRS has taken care of everything.

I’m able to walk 5 miles a day and work 9 hours a day. It’s truly a miracle! I will continue my TRS for maintenance always.

F. Critchlow

“I stopped taking Advanced TRS and my headaches, brain fog and dizziness have returned. I’ll be starting back up on Monday"

I wasn't sure it was a result of Advanced TRS, because I’m doing a few other things that it could be attributed to. But I recently stopped taking TRS in preparation for a huge blood work panel I'll be doing (I stopped TRS 3 weeks before the tests). Now my headaches, brain fog, and dizziness have returned. I'll be starting TRS back up on Monday. So happy to get back into it!

M. Pond

"I have seen an increase in energy, improvement in skin and digestive issues and restful sleep after decades of insomnia"

After five months on Advanced TRS detox, I am quite comfortable recommending TRS to any person or family looking to restore health to their lives. My son and I are both on TRS. I have seen an increase in energy, improvement in skin and digestive issues and lately, the return of restful sleep after decades of insomnia issues.

My son is four years old, autistic and non-verbal. He has suffered from skin, digestive, and neurological issues for most of his life. Since starting TRS we have seen an increase in his ability to “play” vocally with phonics. He is now reading. His artwork is more focused. His attention span is phenomenal, as is his sense of humor and willingness to try new things. His skin is almost 100% clear of eczema. His digestive process functions a lot more smoothly now and he, too, is finally enjoying full and restful night's sleep.

We are so grateful to have discovered this product and for the unending support and patience we have experienced from our distributor. If you are desiring to take back your health, I highly encourage you to consider purchasing this product.

J. Blackmon

“I was able to walk 7-10 miles a day with energy galore”

During the first couple of months last year I had to take several different antibiotics for numerous health issues. In addition to being quite ill I also suffered severe side effects from the antibiotics, including extreme fatigue, muscle, joint, jaw, and shoulder pain. I even told my family I could not possibly be well enough to travel to Europe with them that summer.

I began Advanced TRS two months before the trip, not able to walk a short block in my neighborhood. Six weeks into TRS, I was feeling much better with way more energy, so I decided to go on the two-week-long trip to Europe.

Astonishingly, I was able to walk 7-10 miles a day with energy galore lasting into late evening! I was able to really enjoy Europe! Prior to my illnesses I was pretty fit for a 68 year old woman, but not by any means was I able to walk more than 3 miles a day, and I was normally worn out by mid-day. I have experienced many more benefits from Advanced TRS as well!

S. Thomas

“The neuropathy pains absolutely decreased"

I had one point less than toxic levels of Arsenic in my body. I knew I had to do a heavy metal detox, but I was afraid to try chelation. I found Advanced TRS detox and loved all the incredible stories from other's successes and decided to give it a try! 

Best. Decision. Ever. 

My decade old adult acne went away completely and I could finally start treating the scars. My dependency on certain supplements went away after two months on TRS. The neuropathy pains absolutely decreased. My energy increased and I was more balanced emotionally. I'm SO grateful for TRS!!!! 

T. Warwood

“His depression is subsiding and he’s feeling happy"

Because of Advanced TRS, I can proudly say that my husband has not had a migraine for the entire month of June!! That has never happened before!! He’s had couple of mild headaches but not severe head pain like normal.

Also, his depression is subsiding and he’s feeling happy! Last of all his skin is less itchy. I think we still have improvements coming and maybe even some more healing reactions, but I wanted to share his story to hopefully help others along who are in the same boat. 

A. Quist

"She has better focus, way better moods and sleeps so much better"

My daughter started Advanced TRS two months ago. She is now doing so much better! The first thing I noticed was that she laughs so much more. She has better focus, way better moods and sleeps so much better. She's usually pretty moody in the mornings and hates getting up for school, but she's waking up with no problems now. 

TRS has also helped her stutter so much - it's almost gone! She's even getting her grades back up. I can't wait to see more progress! Thank you TRS!!

H. Lance

"Nothing helped his OCD until he started taking Advanced TRS"

My 13-year-old son has had debilitating OCD for the past two years, and one of the things he couldn’t do was wear clothing. If he had a doctor’s appointment, he would wrap up in a blanket and the doctor would have to come to our car for the appointment. This is how severe it was. But he made huge steps today!

He’s been taking walks with me, but due to his OCD, the only time he could leave the house was after midnight. But at 4 o’clock today he got dressed and wanted to go out for ice cream. When we got home his brother asked if he’d play outside and he said yes! He hasn’t played outside in two and a half years! He has debilitating OCD with touching things and today he actually played catch with a plastic ball!

We have tried antibiotics, essential oils, high dose DMSA, herbs, and supplements and nothing helped his OCD until he started taking Advanced TRS! So blessed to have found this product!

K. Saniat

"For the first time I am actually getting to know my son’s true personality"

After two months on Advanced TRS my son went from 3-4 word sentences to 4-5 word sentences. We now have reciprocal conversation! Before TRS he would usually just repeat back what we would say. He has gained more speech in two months on TRS than in one year of speech therapy.

His sensory issues have decreased, and he can sit still long enough for me to read him a whole book! He also used to have super long and intense tantrums, but now he gets over things really quickly. I feel like for the first time I am actually getting to know my son’s true personality. He is a super sweet and funny kid. I feel TRS is taking us to the next level of healing. TRS works and is amazing!

S. Kidd

“The little girl I remember at two years old is coming back”

I wanted to have real data on what Advanced TRS was doing for my daughter, so I decided to track her progress with hair elements tests to measure her levels of metal toxicity. I did her initial hair elements test on May 6, 2019, right before we started her on Advanced TRS. I did a second test on October 6, 2019 after five months of giving her Advanced TRS daily.

In just five months her aluminum level went from 5.6 to 3.8, lead went from .81 to .40, thorium went from .007 to .001 and uranium went from .12 to .023. These results are really significant for just a few months!

More important than the hair tests were the actual changes we saw in our child. She became 100% available, wanted to be a part of every social situation, was willing to take risks, learned to swim on her own and did water slides all summer. She was more coordinated, more confident, able to follow directions and was having a great year in school.

She now has lots of friends, is invited to parties, is compassionate, and I don’t need to hover over her anymore. The little girl I remember at two years old is coming back! She attends school without an IEP and scored in the 88th percentile or above in all subjects.

Last May, prior to starting TRS, I wanted her to be retained in Kindergarten but her teacher thought she should move on. Thank God I didn’t hold her back because she is thriving in first grade! TRS changed everything for her over the summer!

J. Tyler

"Being told “no" doesn’t bring on huge meltdowns like it used to"

Since starting Advanced TRS, my brain fog and headaches have vanished! It feels so different now to wake up each morning and have them gone. For a few months I had that, “Wow! I can't believe I feel this good!” feeling.

My children have also had big improvements from Advanced TRS. My son had many symptoms of ADHD and over time, TRS got rid of most of those symptoms. Things that bothered him in the past don't bother him as much or at all anymore.

He and some of my other children seem to process disappointment way better now too. Being told “no" doesn’t bring on huge melt downs like it used to. Their ability to understand has increased and other behavioral issues have subsided. Our everyday goes so much smoother now!

A. Baugh

"We have seen more progress in the last month than the last several years"

We have been taking Advanced TRS for only a short time, but we have seen more progress in the last month than the last several years.

It has helped me personally, but more importantly it has helped my PANDAS/ADHD child. She was literally climbing the walls, touching everything, mouthing everything, having outbursts, minor tics, the whole PANDAS gamut. Since starting TRS, she is markedly calmer and is doing so much better.

G. Junge

"I don’t feel sick as often as I used too"

For me, Advanced TRS has definitely helped with my energy levels. Before, I would get so fatigued that I would have to take daily naps. Now, I can go days without feeling like I need a nap.

I now have energy to workout daily, which I couldn’t do before. Adding exercise has also helped with overall health! Additionally, I don’t feel sick as often as I used too.

D. Lillo

"No intervention we’ve done to date has been SO EFFECTIVE and SO FAST at producing results"

After 15 days on Advanced TRS, my 9-year-old PANDAS son flipped the light switch ONLY ONCE (prior to that it was at least 6 times), took a shower ON HIS OWN (there were times when his OCD was so debilitating that he literally could not get in the shower without help), brushed his teeth and put on his PJs…and there was NO WHINING…and he did it all ALONE…and he was so chill!

I know this is business as usual for neurotypical kids, but for my PANDAS son, this was HUGE! Others who knew nothing about how we were treating him started to tell me how great he was doing, and how much calmer and less emotionally liable he was. I stopped crying every day out of pure frustration!

After a couple more months his sensory issues and anxiety started to fade. My previously anorexic son started eating like a horse. He now ASKS ME for new foods with different textures. Last night HE ATE SUSHI! No intervention we’ve done to date has been SO EFFECTIVE and SO FAST at producing results. TRS is truly amazing and has been a godsend to my family.

C. Lambourne

"His skin issues are a thing of the past"

My son has been dealing with stubborn skin issues for well over a year. His eyelid was red and scaly and at one point his hand was so raw that we had to keep it covered with a bandage. 

We tried many things - homeopathy, liver support, enzymes, diet changes, creams, etc. and though it improved somewhat, it still persisted. 

After being on Advanced TRS for three weeks, we were very excited to see big improvements in his skin! After 8 months on TRS, his skin issues are a thing of the past. He has no scarring and no sign of it anymore!

J. Armour

"My moods became more even and controlled"

The first gain I noticed from Advanced TRS was the healing of my cesarean section scar. I was around seven months postpartum, and just four to five days after starting TRS I finally felt no more pain at all on my scar!

I also felt an energy boost and could do more within the day. I started to sleep more deeply which left me feeling more rested and refreshed. I became happier and calmer, and could let go of things that I couldn’t before. My moods became more even and controlled. If there is one gain that I truly love, it’s this one!

L. Kaw

"We cannot live in my household without TRS"

I have 9 kids and 7 kids are on Advanced TRS. Over the past 2 years it’s been a game changer! My 13 year-old was very aggressive and in two weeks he was like different kid. My child with autism started slowly and we are doing a lot of different things. But he has started talking now and his skin has improved. We cannot live in my household without TRS! I'm happy to add to Lora's Advanced TRS detox testimonials, reviews and stories.

B. Krpan

“She is a normal, happy, and healthy girl now and I am so thankful"

Just a few weeks after my oldest daughter started Advanced TRS, we were able to reintroduce foods that she was previously allergic to. After just 3 weeks on Advanced TRS, she was able to eat everything, except for a few foods, without any reactions or symptoms. Her bed-wetting lessened, skin was staying clear, attitude was better, neurological issues lessened and she had fewer tics.

Her skin clearing and staying clear was a huge thing for us! She use to get rashes around her mouth that would get infected and her skin was like that 9-10 months out of the year. The start of spring and the start of winter were the times she usually started to break out and the skin around her mouth would get a rash, get raw, and get infected. So far, it has stayed clear. No rash. No infection. Just clear, beautiful skin.

Now, after having been on Advanced TRS for 3+ years, all of my oldest daughters neurological issues are gone, she doesn’t have any signs of autism or Tourette’s anymore (her tics are completely gone!!), she doesn’t wet the bed at all anymore, her skin has stayed beautiful and clear (no more eczema!!!), her allergy shiners are gone, and she can now eat whatever she wants.

Prior to giving her Advanced TRS, my daughters body contained high levels of Arsenic, Cadmium, and Aluminum. After taking Advanced TRS for 3 months, her heavy metal levels had gone done to 0! This is huge and I know it is one of the main reasons her neurological issues disappeared. She is a normal, happy, and healthy girl now and I am so thankful that Advanced TRS took away her ailments and all the misery that came along with them!

I have noticed a lot of gains with my youngest daughter and my son as well. Neither of them had nearly as many issues as my oldest daughter but I knew there was something that wasn’t right. Neither of them really started talking until they were age 4. Even then, their speech wasn’t very good and they didn’t talk very clearly.

They both also had severe mood swings and some food allergies. After I started them on Advanced TRS, their speech improved, they started talking a lot more, and they are talking more clearly. Their attitudes and neurological health has greatly improved as well and they are no longer allergic to anything. I love what Advanced TRS has done for us so far and I can't wait to see what other amazing things it does for us! 

Jennifer L.

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