Advanced Fulvic Acid Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid and Micronutrients for Detox and Immune Support

  • Provides optimal combination of fulvic acid, humic acid and micronutrients

  • Assists with total body detox of heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins

  • Optimizes the gut microbiome and reduces leaky gut

  • Provides 1000x the antioxidant power of popular superfoods to help repair cells and DNA

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Supports a strong immune system

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Remove, Repair & Restore 

In today’s world of processed foods and synthetic chemicals, our gut microbiomes are being starved of the energy and nutrients they need to do their jobs.

The rich variety of natural organic substances found in Advanced Fulvic-Humic Acid Micronutrient Formula is similar to what the human gut microbiota evolved with in ancient times when our environment was cleaner and our technology was less damaging.

Taking Advanced Fulvic is like putting a reset on your gut microbiota. It takes it from a weakened, sickly state to a vibrant and robust condition that nature intended thousands of years ago.

Coseva’s Advanced Fulvic-Humic Acid Micronutrient Formula provides your body with the richest variety of natural organic substances needed to assist with cellular detoxification, replenish the gut microbiome, unlock important energy and nutrients from the foods we eat, and support a strong immune system.

Coseva’s Advanced Fulvic offers an optimal combination of fulvic acid, humic acid and unique micronutrients that are missing from our current food supply, including 18 amino acids and close to 70 trace minerals.

While other fulvic/humic products take their material from a single source (which is often high in humic acid and very low in micronutrients) Advanced Fulvic is formulated to combine material from several specialized sources to supply a balanced amount of all three components - fulvic acid, humic acid and micronutrients - in a single serving.


Use daily for best results.

Take once daily by mixing 1 ml with 16 ounces of non-chlorinated water or your favorite beverage.

Usage Warnings

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, under the age of 13, or taking prescription medication, consult your physician prior to use.

Allergy Warning: Made in a facility that also processes soy and egg.

What's Inside

30mL (30 servings)

  • Fulvic Acid (as mineral complex) – 40mg
  • Humic Acid (as mineral complex) – 60mg
  • Micronutrients** (as mineral complex) – 90mg

**Contains over 70 naturally occurring fulvic and humic bio-mass vegetal materials, trace minerals, trace amino acids, and antioxidants presented within the original humate source. 

Other Ingredients: Purified water.

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