Why Healthy People Need To Detox

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“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” John F. Kennedy

It’s been well established that our environment has never been more toxic than it is today. After watching documentaries like Stink! or Unacceptable Levels, or spending ten minutes on ewg.org, you begin to realize what we’re up against when it comes to toxins and our health.

It’s a given that each and every one of us is threatened by a challenging array of environmental toxins, day in and day out. ~ Dr. David Perlmutter, MD

Like he said, every day of our lives we’re surrounded by thousands of toxins. These chemicals flow into our bodies at an alarming rate through our food, drink, the air we breathe, the products we use on our bodies and in our homes.

All chronic disease is caused or aggravated by the pervasive toxins. Don’t wait until you have a serious condition like cancer before you take control. ~ Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, ND founder of Bastyr University

Like me, you probably know someone who seemed really healthy yet suddenly had their life turned upside down because of health problems. Or you might have a super athletic friend who shocked everyone with their serious diagnosis, like the woman in the movie The Human Experiment.

Sadly, stories like these are becoming all too common. Too many people who appear healthy on the outside are discovering that they’re actually unhealthy on the inside. Unfortunately, a lack of symptoms does not necessarily equal good health.

Toxins are especially dangerous for developing children, but most people don’t realize that the older we get the more toxic we become. As the years pass, we’re exposed to more and more toxic chemicals that continuously accumulate inside of our bodies. And the more they accumulate, the more damage they do.

Dr. Pizzorno explains,

Toxins do all sorts of damage: they gradually clog the liver, block insulin-receptor sites, damage the genes, and undermine DNA repair and recovery. They contribute to inflammation, blood-sugar problems, digestive problems, mitochondrial disorders, hormonal imbalances, low energy, immune issues and a host of other problems. When toxins build up over time and overload your body, they gradually undermine your health and cause disease.

You might be thinking – but don’t our bodies get rid of toxins on their own?

Yes, of course they do – to a certain extent. But over the past 70 years, the amount of toxic chemicals in our environment has increased by a whopping 100%! It’s just too much for our bodies to handle, as evidenced by the surge in chronic illness and disease since then. And as as our toxic load grows, we become less and less able to detox on our own which escalates the problem even more.

Many of these hundreds and thousands of chemical toxins simply didn’t exist prior to the mid-twentieth century…Although the human body has an innate capacity to detoxify itself, people now are exposed to a level of consumer, agricultural, and industrial toxins that the human organism never evolved to handle. ~ Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

So the big question is – what can we do?

The smartest thing you can do is to ACT NOW – no matter what your health looks like. Don’t wait until you reach the tipping point, where your toxic burden begins to sabotage your health. Start doing something about toxins before your health begins to decline!

While using toxin free products and eating cleaner foods can slow the flow of toxins coming in, it’s just not enough. Too many toxins are still getting into our bodies and building up regardless of our lifestyle choices. The answer is to adopt a lifestyle of intentional, daily detox so that you can maintain your good health.

For our family, Advanced TRS and Advanced Fulvic have made it super easy to stay on top of the toxicity problem. We’re so lucky to have these high-quality products available to us! They both do an amazing job of removing toxins from our bodies safely and effectively in just a few seconds a day. 

Gone are the days of the all-consuming cleanses and detox protocols (YAY)! I’ve done many DIY detoxes in the past and – wow – they always became HUGE projects that completely took over my life! The worst part was that even after all of that time and effort, I didn’t get even close to the same results that I have with TRS and Advanced Fulvic. Managing toxicity can be super simple – all you need are a few sprays of Advanced TRS and 20 drops of Advanced Fulvic once a day. That’s it!

One of my customers recently pointed out that

Most illnesses or health issues don’t happen overnight. Why wait until something happens? I would use TRS to be proactive and prevent any illness down the road. Because our environment is very toxic, we all have a certain level of toxins in our bodies. ~ K. Saniat

YES!! She gets it!

Many people are starting to understand the need be proactive about their health by detoxing every day. Most of my customers who consider themselves “healthy” are still surprised to see noticable improvements in their health after starting Advanced TRS and Advanced Fulvic.

When we started I considered my entire family “healthier” than most. None of us are on prescription meds, we have a nontoxic home, eat nutrient-dense food, etc. and I had no specific complaints for myself. The problem is, we’re swimming in a toxic soup, and it’s impossible to avoid insult and assault from all that’s out there. After we started, sleep deepened, eyes started turning blue, slightly inflamed tonsils completely flattened, sinus infections stopped and we barely got sick anymore. Now I understand that if you’ve EVER had a surgery or been on antibiotics (ever!) or breathed the air or eaten non-organic food or drank tap water – there’s lots of room for improvement in your health! ~ E. Venegas

I tried TRS for about 6 weeks before I gave it to my son. I was in good health but my brain became clearer, joints didn’t ache anymore and my hair has grown back with more color. ~ R. Haas

I consider myself healthy, with no chronic or autoimmune diseases. The only thing I noticed off the bat was better sleep. But having seen the amazing results with my son, I continue to take TRS as “insurance” and to help keep my own toxic load down. ~ Carol L. 

I love that these customers understand how important it is to detox on a daily basis. It makes me sad how many people discover detox only after they or their loved ones are already really sick. Imagine how different things could be if it were common knowledge that everyone needs to detox every day! Imagine how much healthier people would be and how much pain and suffering could be so easily avoided!

I really want everyone to know that there’s a better, healthier way to live by adopting a lifestyle of detox. I want to help you adopt a daily detox routine so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the best health possible! The saying, “health is wealth” has never been as truer than it is today.

Advanced TRS and Advanced Fulvic have transformed my family’s health (you can read my son’s Advanced TRS story) and they can help you too!

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Disclaimer: We do not claim that any Healing With Nano products prevent, cure or treat any health condition.