The Missing Link In Childhood Behavior Problems

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Most of us have at least one child in our life who has problems with their behavior. Whether it’s moodiness, meltdowns, anger, aggression, lack of focus, impulsivity, defiance, low academic performance, anxiety or depression – most of us know a child who struggles and it can be heartbreaking to watch.

Why Do Some Children Struggle While Others Don’t?

There are many reasons for challenging behavior, but one common cause that often gets overlooked is heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury and aluminum are commonplace in our daily environment. When our bodies start to accumulate too many heavy metals it can cause serious problems.

During his career, Dr. William Walsh of the Walsh Research Institute made some important discoveries linking behavior to heavy metal toxicity. In the 1970’s he studied prisoners who were incarcerated for violent behavior. At first Dr. Walsh assumed that the criminals’ behaviors were a result of their life experiences. But he soon discovered that these criminal’s families seemed to have done everything right and had other children who were outstanding citizens. Each family he studied told Dr. Walsh a similar story – the child who became a future criminal was different from the time they were young, and no matter what they did their child’s behavior didn’t change.

This perplexing information motivated Dr. Walsh to dive deep into the scientific literature to find the cause of this abnormal behavior. After doing some testing, he found that the violent criminals all showed a significantly higher level of heavy metals in their hair, urine and stool than nonviolent criminals.

Dr. Walsh went on to study children from 2,400 different families. He chose families in which one of their children displayed very violent and disruptive behavior while the other children in the same family behaved normally and did well academically. All of the siblings in each family lived in the same home, were raised in the same environment and went to the same schools. When Dr. Walsh studied the lab results of the children, he found that those who struggled with behavior repeatedly had much higher levels of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury in their bodies.

One Example of How Heavy Metals Affect Behavior

Lead is just one heavy metal that has been well studied, showing the impact it can have on behavior. According to the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control), “medical research has established a connection between early childhood lead exposure and future criminal activity, especially of a violent nature. Numerous studies link elevated bone or blood lead levels with aggression, destructive and delinquent behavior, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD] and criminal behavior. A large body of evidence associates a reduction in IQ performance and other neuropsychological defects from lead toxicity.”

The CDC has also clearly stated that, “it must be emphasized that there is no known blood lead level for children without some level of risk for some of the adverse neurological effects of lead”. Simply put – with ANY amount of lead exposure there is a serious risk of brain damage in children.

The list of problems that lead alone can cause is long. However, many of these issues don’t show up until years later, making it difficult to connect lead exposure with its consequences. But it’s time we start making these connections so we can help more kids!

Lead exposure has been shown to cause:

  • ADHD and attention related behavior problems
  • Low IQ and academic achievement
  • Increased behavior problems
  • Abnormal social behavior including aggression
  • Mood changes
  • forgetfulness
  • Irritability
  • Developmental delays
  • Reduced height and growth
  • Delayed puberty
  • Loss of self-control
  • Lack of fine motor skills
  • Memory loss
  • Increased drop out rate
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Panic Disorder
  • And many other developmental, physical and neurological issues.

According to the CDC, “clinicians should have a high index of suspicion for lead exposure, especially in the case of children with developmental delays”. In other words, where there is a developmental delay, doctors should be looking at lead exposure as a possible cause.

In Flint, Michigan the effects of lead poisoning have become abundantly clear. In 2014 the city’s water became contaminated with lead, exposing residents to high levels of lead for more than a year. Since this water crisis, the amount of children with developmental delays and special needs in Flint has increased by 56%. This article states that, “the toll of the crisis is becoming clear: At least 1 in 5 students in Flint’s public schools are eligible for special education—and the school system is buckling under the weight of federal requirements and costs for providing programs and services.” What a heartbreaking tragedy.

So What Can We Do About It?

In 1978 lead based paint was banned in the US, with lead pipes following suit in 1986. But even if your home, workplace or your child’s school was built after 1986, that doesn’t mean you and your family aren’t being exposed to lead on a regular basis. Unfortunately, lead and other heavy metals are prevalent in our air, water, food, soil, toys, power cords, pottery, school supplies, dishes, cosmetics, batteries and more.

Avoiding lead and other toxins as much as we can is so important. There are amazing water and air filters that do a great job of cleaning the air and water in our homes. Buying organic foods, non-toxic dishes, cookware, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and toys are good ideas. And of course, simply washing your hands before touching anything that goes into your mouth!

However – what about the times when you eat out, breathe the air outside or drink water from a public drinking fountain? Even if we’re careful about our toxic exposure, it’s impossible to avoid toxins completely. We need to avoid toxins AND remove the ones that have found their way in. In today’s world, simply avoiding toxins just isn’t enough!

One professional said of the Flint, Michigan crisis, “There is no cure. There is no antidote,” she says. “However, there is so much that we can do and that we are doing to minimize, to mitigate, to buffer the impact of the exposure. We cannot take it away, but we can do so much to lessen it.” To me this is one of the saddest statements ever made. My heart breaks for those families that are being told there is no way to undo the damage that has been done! The truth is that there IS a way to get the lead out of our bodies so that we CAN begin to function properly again! No one, especially children should be doomed a life of illness and disability when there is an easy, safe and inexpensive option available! This does NOT need to be a life sentence for these families! (*steps off soapbox, lol!*)

Advanced TRS is THE Answer to the Toxicity Problem!

The easiest, safest and most effective solution to toxicity is Advanced TRS. It’s so simple – it’s just a naturally occurring mineral in water, with an amazing capacity to pick up toxins. The scientific literature on zeolite is out there in plain sight. Anyone can go to and search “clinoptilolite” zeolite (the exact kind of zeolite in TRS) and read through the hundreds of studies that have already been done. It has been shown over and over again to remove lead and other contaminants. The scientific community already understands zeolite’s ability to detoxify. It’s time the rest of us catch up.

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TRS can be used for high levels of toxic exposure as in the case of Flint, but also should be used on a regular basis to clean up toxins from daily exposure. Let’s not wait to address toxicity until we have accumulated so many that it starts impacting our health!

We finally have a safe and effective solution to the toxicity problem. With TRS there are no risks, it’s low cost and can be used at your own discretion in your own home. The possibilities for human health are exciting! What an amazing gift we have at our fingertips! People are just starting to realize the potential of this wonderful product, and I am fortunate enough to get to watch it every day! For me, it’s truly an honor and a privilege to help people improve their health through detoxing and to witness their progress first hand. I love my job!

And to all the children out there who struggle with their behavior – there’s an answer. You aren’t destined for a life of struggle and heartache. You CAN reach your potential! Your problems don’t define who you are – they might be because of something that’s beyond your control. There IS a way to overcome your problems! There’s so much hope and a bright future out there waiting for you!



P.S. I have been shouting TRS from the rooftops since I witnessed how it changed my son’s life. Since then I have seen hundreds of people, including children, heal by removing toxins from their bodies. But I am just one person! It’s going to take more than just me to get the word out about Advanced TRS and how it can help people! Please share this article with someone you know that might appreciate this information! And if you know anyone from Flint, Michigan who has been affected by lead poisoning, please contact me. Thank you so much!