Ping Pong Balls Over Beach Balls? How Size Makes All the Difference!

beach balls floating in pool

Nanobite: Giving You One Bite of Science at a Time Surface Area

One of the many reasons why nanotech products are ultra-effective is because of the incredible amount of surface area they can cover. What does this mean exactly? And why does it matter?

Imagine a swimming pool covered with large beach balls. Think about how much of the surface of the water is actually touching the beach balls. Compare that to a swimming pool covered with hundreds of ping pong balls. How much more of the surface of the water is in contact with the ping pong balls compared to the beach balls? Way more! Size makes a huge difference when it comes to surface area. Smaller is definitely better!

And so it is with zeolite. The smaller the zeolite particles, the more surface area they will cover in your body. The more surface area zeolite covers, the more toxins it will remove. Just like the ping pong balls in the pool, the nano-sized zeolites in Advanced TRS come into much more contact with your body than larger particles would. Just ONE spray of Advanced TRS covers a mind blowing 34,285 square feet of surface area in the body, or the equivalent of about 2.5 olympic-sized swimming pools. It’s hard to even wrap your head around that!

Advanced TRS contains the smallest zeolite particles on the market by a long shot, at an average of 0.9 nanometers each. Just to give you some perspective on how small that is, one strand of human hair is approximately 90,000 nanometers wide. So less than one nanometer is unimaginably tiny! After scouring the internet and calling different companies, the closest zeolite that I could find was more than 200 times larger than the zeolite in TRS. This is just one of the many reasons why Advanced TRS is so much more effective than any other zeolite product. Size matters, and when it comes to zeolite – TRS is the smallest!

For those who enjoy the science, below is a published scientific study showing that the capacity of zeolites to adsorb and remove toxins increases as the particle size gets smaller. This of course, is due to increased surface area! It’s nice to see our claims backed up by real science.

“…it can be seen that adsorption capacity and removal efficiency rises with decrease in particle size of zeolite. This is because the smaller the particle size the greater the specific surface area, which promotes external surface adsorption, and implies that the cations in zeolite of smaller particle size are exchanged much more easily with those in aqueous solution.”

Read the full study HERE