The Important Thing We’re Missing With Food Allergies

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Is it just me or are you constantly noticing new gluten and dairy free options popping up everywhere in restaurants, stores or at public gatherings? It seems like everyone’s scrambling to accommodate the legions of people who’ve discovered better health by cutting wheat and dairy from their diets.


The Problem With Wheat and Dairy that No One Talks About


You may already be aware that modern wheat has real problems, which can explain why so many people feel better without it. High levels of glyphosate, a dangerous carcinogen and active ingredient in the herbicide Round Up, is pervasive in modern wheat. Over hybridization also makes today’s wheat more difficult to digest. But one of the most important and least acknowledged issues is that sensitivities to wheat and dairy are often caused by heavy metal toxicity, more specifically mercury.

For many people, mercury and other heavy metals are the root cause of their food sensitivities. I’m a big fan of drilling down to the root cause of any issue, because when we know what’s really causing something, we can pull it out by the root instead of forever managing symptoms! By simply becoming aware that food issues can be caused by heavy metals, it allows us to address the real problem and to potentially remove the cause of it. Now that’s my style!

So why mercury? Mercury and other heavy metals have been shown to block enzymes required to digest gluten and dairy. A person with mercury toxicity does not fully digest the wheat protein gluten or the milk protein casein. Instead, these undigested proteins form neurotoxins that are released into the bloodstream. Neurotoxins lead to health problems galore, including neurological conditions such as ASD, ADHD, migraines, mood disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and the list goes on.


But I Haven’t Been Exposed to Mercury…


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news my friend, but actually you have and you are – regularly. Unfortunately, mercury exposure is much more common than you might think.

The vast majority of us were first exposed to the damaging effects of mercury and other heavy metals in utero before we were ever born, which can have a negative impact on our growth and development. Other common exposures to mercury happen through dental amalgams (silver fillings), eating fish or shellfish and from the air we breathe and water we drink every day. Mercury exposure can also occur through broken (mercury) thermometers, barometers or electrical switches, outdated cleaning supplies, novelty jewelry, vaccines, imported skin care products and gold mining.

If your body is not functioning practically perfect in every way, it can be extremely difficult if not impossible for it to remove mercury or other heavy metals on its own. Heavy metals like mercury can remain in your body causing damage and dysfunction throughout your lifetime.


Advanced TRS Effectively Removes Mercury and Other Heavy Metals


The good news is that there’s an easy fix to this problem! Advanced TRS is a safe and effective solution that regularly allows many happy TRS users to experience a significant decrease in or resolution of their issues with food after TRS removes toxins, allowing their bodies to function properly. This easy answer is for you too!

Advanced TRS detox spray contains only the mineral zeolite and pure water. This amazing little mineral travels throughout the body picking up toxins such as mercury and interestingly enough – glyphosate – and carries them out of the body in such a simple way. TRS does its job more safely and effectively than any other detox out there. Like anything worthwhile it takes time, but TRS is the easiest detox there is! All you have to do is take a few quick, tasteless sprays every day and that’s it! TRS helps so many people improve their health by removing toxins from their bodies. You could be next!

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Advanced TRS Removes the Protein that Causes Leaky Gut


Another reason that Advanced TRS users often experience fewer food sensitivities is because TRS can help your leaky gut! Leaky gut syndrome is extremely common and if you have issues with foods, you might want to consider that this could be an issue for you.

When a person has a leaky gut, their intestines have become too permeable, allowing harmful substances like toxins, microbes, undigested food particles and more to travel out of the intestines and into the body. This activates the immune system which in turn attacks these substances and marks them as ‘foreign invaders’. This is helpful except for when the immune system marks, for instance, undigested corn particles as ‘foreign invaders’. Now every time your immune system recognizes corn, it sees it as an ‘invader’ and mounts an attack, causing digestive distress and inflammation.

How can TRS help? The protein zonulin is always present whenever there is leaky gut. Zonulin regulates intestinal wall permeability and is seen as a red flag indicating leaky gut syndrome. Advanced TRS can help stop this vicious cycle by removing zonulin from the intestines, allowing the gut to heal. Studies show that the zeolite in TRS binds to and efficiently removes zonulin, greatly benefitting our intestinal health.


You Can Eat Regular Foods Again – For Good!


When I first started taking Advanced TRS, I couldn’t tolerate wheat AT ALL. Not even the tiniest bit! All I practically had to do was look at a hamburger bun or a piece of toast and it would bring on intense stomach upset and well…let’s just say many trips to the bathroom. Eating wheat was definitely not worth it to me – ever.

I’d gotten used to living this way for many years (maybe sevenish?) so after a couple months of taking Advanced TRS I was curious. I decided to try eating a regular hamburger (with the bun!) to see how my body would handle it. Apparently, it was too soon at that point because it didn’t go well. TRS was hard at work but detox and healing take time!

Fast forward to the present. I have been taking Advanced TRS for well over a year, and my body can easily handle regular wheat as a rare treat or splurge without ANY repercussions! As in nothing bad happens!!! This is completely new for me and honestly it’s kind of nice to have a little flexibility at times with my diet. I don’t eat wheat often, but once in a while it’s nice to have the option and know that I won’t pay for it later!

I hear similar stories from TRS users over and over again. So many children and adults are free to eat a much wider variety of foods than they were before TRS. It’s truly exciting to see this kind of healing happening for people!


Here’s a couple of my favorite experiences from other TRS users:


“After accidental exposures to three of my son’s allergens (ones he hasn’t had for 3 years) in the last month and him having zero reactions to them, I decided to try Wendy’s fries since they’re cooked in cottonseed oil, one of his other allergens. He had a reaction to Wendy’s fries the week before we started TRS in March. Since he had such a recent reaction, if he didn’t react this time I wouldn’t be able to explain it away like he outgrew it like I could with those other three (even though I think they’re all because of TRS!). And guess what? He had NO reaction to the fries!!! Leaky gut is healing and his restricted eating is going away!!! Today I couldn’t help myself, and we tried sunflower oil in a granola bar. He typically reacts with a rash, but nothing happened!! Eggs are next to try!” ~ Anna H.


“My daughter was born with a huge toxic burden and a mastocytoma on her back. When she got PANS at 9 her immune system broke. She couldn’t walk down aisles at the market or drive with the windows open without her throat closing due to allergies. I started with a powdered zeolite and it helped a little. Once she was 90% healed of PANS her histamine issues were still huge. I decided to try TRS. It has given her her life back. She still can’t eat foods she is sensitive to, but she can now be in the same room or even touch them. I think she will one day eat a little again.” ~ Liz W.


So, if you or a loved one have food allergies, sensitivities or intolerances, this post is for you! Avoiding foods that bother our bodies is always a good idea. BUT – what if you could remove the root of the problem and enjoy those foods again without any issues?

I hope you’ll consider giving Advanced TRS a try for at least six consecutive months! Let’s see if it can make a difference for you like it has for so many others.


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