TRS Spray: The 10-Second Detox That Everyone Can Do

Advanced TRS detox spray bottle

Keeping It Simple

Detoxes and cleanses can be so complicated and time-consuming – not to mention less than satisfying! I can’t be the only one who’s tired of the hassle of green smoothies, juices, detox soups and regimented diets that stretch on for days, weeks or even months! And don’t forget about the all-encompassing special recipes, long lists of expensive ingredients, hours in the kitchen and denying yourself normal foods. Or how about the promises of dramatic weight loss by ‘tomorrow’ or a full body detox in ‘just one day’ that never seems to happen? Even if you’re determined enough to white knuckle your way through, there’s always the guilt that follows after you binge eat your favorite foods the minute the detox is over, leaving you wondering if it was all a big waste of time, effort and money.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in good company! Before our family found Advanced TRS we tried all kinds of detoxes, cleanses and special diets to improve our health. You name it – we’ve probably tried it! After a while it became increasingly taxing on us, not to mention frustrating that after all of our efforts, we were seeing little to no real results. Our family had a wide range of health issues and learned over the years that detox is a crucial piece of our health puzzle. But it took some time to find a detox that worked well for us. When we discovered Advanced TRS, we finally found an effective way to improve our health that didn’t require any special diet changes, was tasteless (the kids were happy about that!), brought us a ton of good results and amazingly – didn’t require any extra time!

Advanced TRS detox is now a part of our family’s daily health routine. We simply take a few sprays from the bottle every day and that’s it! We’re done in about 10 seconds! I no longer have to make countless trips to the grocery store or spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. And the results – – my goodness! Our results from Advanced TRS are far beyond those of any other detox or health improvement protocol we have ever tried. We are so grateful that we stumbled across TRS!

It’s Just Mineral Water?


Yes! Advanced TRS detox contains only two ingredients, the naturally occurring mineral zeolite and pure water. There’s no additional additives, preservatives, potential allergens or in other words – junk! The water is necessary because it carries the zeolites throughout the body, but the real hero in Advanced TRS is the zeolite! Zeolite minerals actually do the work of removing toxins.

Zeolite is known for its unique ability to remove contaminants and has been used for this purpose for many years. For example, if you drink filtered water there’s a good chance your water filter contains zeolite to help cleanse and purify your drinking water. Zeolite was also used in the cleanup efforts after the nuclear disasters at Chernobyl and Fukashima because of its ability to remove radioactive material. Zeolites are amazing little minerals! Think of them as tiny magnetic garbage collectors. They attract toxins to themselves because they have the opposite electrical charge of most toxins. Because of their opposite charges, zeolites and toxins are drawn to each other. When they meet up, the toxins become permanently bonded and ‘stuck’ to the zeolite. Within about six hours the zeolites exit the body, carrying out with them all the toxins they’ve collected. The entire process is so wonderfully simple! Genius!

3 bottles of Coseva Advanced TRS


How is Advanced TRS Different From Other Zeolite Products?


There are significant differences between Advanced TRS and other zeolite products. Most importantly, TRS is the only one that is 100% pure. It’s also the most effective at removing more toxins from more places than any other zeolite available. If you’ve tried zeolite before but didn’t notice any improvements in your health, there’s a good chance you’ll see improvements with Advanced TRS. As the name suggests, TRS is a result of advances in technology made during its development. It truly is a groundbreaking product!

When it comes to zeolite, size matters! One of the biggest reasons why Advanced TRS is more effective than other zeolite products is the incredibly small size of its zeolite. No other zeolite can come close to an average size of 0.9 nanometers. The science tells us that the smaller the zeolite the more toxins it can remove. Since the zeolite in Advanced TRS is by far the smallest, it’s safe to say that it’s far more effective at removing toxins than any other zeolite out there. Read more details about why the smaller zeolite removes more toxins.

Because the zeolite in Advanced TRS is so small, it has the unique ability to be held inside clusters of water. Each tiny zeolite in TRS is permanently encased inside water clusters. This is significant because it’s how zeolites travel throughout the body. The zeolites essentially ‘hide out’ inside the water and hitch a ride! Since water can go anywhere and everywhere in the body, the zeolites go along with it, picking up toxins as it goes. Encasing zeolites in water has not been achieved until Advanced TRS. This important accomplishment is why TRS effectively detoxes places in the body that have previously been difficult to reach such as the brain, spinal column, lungs, etc. Amazing!

One more fascinating point about size! The nano-sized zeolite in Advanced TRS is small enough to detox the body at the true cellular level. Many of the inner workings of our cells happen on the nanoscale, so only nano-sized particles are able to interact, and in this case detox, our individual cells. This is powerful for those seeking better health because the cellular level is where deep, lasting healing begins.

Purity extremely important when taking zeolite supplements. Advanced TRS is the only zeolite product that is 100% pure and completely free from contamination because it’s made with zeolites that are carefully grown in a lab from clean ingredients. All other zeolite products are made with zeolite mined from the earth. Mined zeolites are frequently contaminated and must go through an acid cleansing process to try and remove impurities. This cleansing process however, is unable to remove all contaminants. Therefore mined zeolite can never be as pure as the zeolite in Advanced TRS. Growing zeolites in a lab has other benefits too, such as achieving the super small nano-size and making each zeolite crystal with perfect uniformity. Even though growing zeolite crystals is quite expensive and probably the reason that no one else does it, as a customer I appreciate that such care is taken with Advanced TRS. For something that is made to be taken internally, it makes perfect sense that safety and purity are top priorities!


What Kind of Results Can I Expect From Advanced TRS?


Toxins can be the root cause of countless physical and emotional issues. Many of us don’t realize the extent of our exposure to toxins on a daily basis through our food, air, water and environment. What’s more, many of us don’t recognize the extent to which toxins are impacting our health and well being!

When toxins are removed with Advanced TRS, people find that their bodies are able to function properly again in so many different ways. It’s truly exciting to see! Even though results vary greatly, some common improvements reported by TRS users include increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, less brain fog, improved memory, mental focus and digestion, less bloating, fewer allergies and headaches, more emotional stability, less anxiety, depression and irritability, a stronger immune system, healthier hair, nails and skin, improvements in speech and OCD…and the list goes on!


The positive results from Advanced TRS are endless! Here’s just a few from our customers:


“No more migraines!”


“I’ve lost weight. The biggest thing for me was feeling way less bloated. That happened right away.”


“My daughter has way better focus, way better moods and sleeps so much better!”


“I’ve had comments on my skin looking radiant & even had someone talk about the whites of my eyes looking so incredibly healthy.”


“IMO it is by far the best detox out there. My son started TRS 1 year ago on July 5th and it’s changed his life.”


“Excruciating pain from menstrual cycle/fibroids gone! Poof…like magic!”


“Less anxiety for me. I became more relaxed and I feel like situations that I normally find stressful doesn’t stress me anymore.”


“TRS has definitely helped with my energy level. Before, I would get sooo fatigued that I would have to take daily naps. Now, I can go days without feeling like I need a nap.”


“The bloating is gone and my digestive system is doing so much better!”


“I don’t feel as a sick as often as I used too.”


“My son’s language skills have seemed to improve. He uses words I’ve never heard him say and longer sentences.”


“I can proudly say that my husband has not had a migraine for the entire month of June!!! What?! That has never happened before (knock on wood). He is feeling happy (he is not currently having feelings of depression) and healthy.”


“My daughter is much calmer and focus and memory have improved. Skin issues have cleared up and she’s just happier.”


“I now have energy to workout daily (which I couldn’t do before).”


“One thing that has been dramatic are my improvements with seasonal allergies!”


“TRS has helped with my digestion, brain fog, and my husband’s foot fungi that he’s struggled with for over 10 years.”


“I’m feeling less anxious on the spray with a clearer mind.”


“I am sleeping so much better, my memory is improving, my mood is far better.”


“My son is on it and his anxiety has pretty much disappeared.”


“My toe nails are healthier. It’s a weird one but my sandals thank me!”


“It felt so different to wake up each morning and have the brain fog gone. It took a few months to not have that “wow I can’t believe I feel this good!”


“My son no longer struggles with depression.”


“It’s been life-changing for my ASD diagnosed daughter. Anxiety is hugely reduced after 6 months. Improved focus and maturity. Coordination and motor skills have improved too. One year ago I would have never thought this life was possible for her. It has helped her siblings too. I’d say – what have you got to lose?”


When I saw what Advanced TRS was doing for my own family, I couldn’t wait to tell anyone and everyone about it! Not much makes me happier than seeing others improve their health and their lives by detoxing with Advanced TRS. We love TRS and are SO grateful that we found this simple yet powerful detox. It’s by far the best choice we have ever made to improve and protect our family’s health!

I can’t wait to see how Advanced TRS helps you! It’s time to elevate your health and well being to a whole new level. Aren’t you ready to feel better?

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